The difference between Pipe Wrenches and Channel Lock Pliers

In this material, we will talk about the difference between pipe wrenches and channel lock pliers. These two types of instruments have many usages and are definitely one of the most used instruments by all of us, no matter whether we are professionals or not.

What is the pipe wrench used for?

Pipe Wrench

The pipe wrench is a kind of adaptable wrench which can be used for gripping, fastening or unfastening different rounded objects that are made of metal such as pipes, bolts, even plugs.

Actually, the pipe wrench has two jaws, as well as a lower heel jaw plus an upper hook.

The pipe wrenches are specific instruments that are made for regulation of fittings and connections and they cannot do any damage to them.

However, the materials that most of the pipe wrenches are made of can be a lot.

How can you choose the right one for you?

It is important to know its specific functions so that to pick out the appropriate pipe wrench for you. What’s more, you should take some piece of advice from a professional in this kind of matter, so that to explain you the differences between all the materials that the pipe wrenches, as instruments, are made of. Yet, you should also take your time to the advantages, as well the disadvantages of each. However, don’t forget to note that the prices may be different, yet, you may find cheap and expensive ones. You can buy these kind of instrument also online, from many plumbing supply stores and so on.

There are also many types of pipe wrenches such as offset, straight, strap, chain pipe wrenches, compound leverage wrenches and so on.

The channel Lock pliers are also kind of instruments that are often used. This type of instrument can be also used for tightening and grabbing.

There are even many types of channel lock pliers that insulate you from electric current.

However, the channel, compared to the pipe wrenches, are more like used for adjusting the size of different objects, no matter their size, by sliding only the jaws.

The channel lock pliers, unlike the typical usage of the pipe wrenches, are versatile instruments that can handle many problems. They can be used either as wrenches or pliers.

These very useful instruments are a must because they can be even used as clamps.

The channel lock pliers turn out to have more advantages, concerning the fact that these specific instruments can be used for different things such as cables, wires, as well as bolts, plus, these type of tools can be used for many other purposes like plumbing, as well as different kind of indoor and outdoor repairs and so on. However, they are not hard-to-work-with instruments, actually you don’t need to exert yourself, they are easy for using because of the leverage that is created by the length of these useful instruments. Yet, the channel lock pliers can be used for tightening wires but they cannot be used for cutting them.

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