Types Of Pliers

Pliers is the usual name of a group of handheld tools. These are metal tools with handles, used for holding things firmly and twisting and cutting wire. It contains two levers joined at a fulcrum. In general, the pliers are one of the most ancient inventions, which has changed very little over the years.

The modern pliers are crafted by metal and their handles are sheathed by soft plastic cover for easier and comfortable hookup, in some cases also for insulation from electricity when working with electrical wires. There are many different types of pliers with different purposes.

Lineman's pliersLineman’s pliers, also called combination pliers are one of the most typical tools used primarily by electricians and other craftsmen, but they also can be useful in the households. This kind of pliers owe their efectiveness to their multifunctional plier design which combines few regular operations like twisting, gripping, bending, cutting wire and cable, even screwing in bolts and nuts. Usually machined by forged steel that guarantee high durability and long life, the Lineman’s pliers are absolutely necessary in every workshop.



The tongue-and-groove pliers (also known as groove-joint pliers, Multi-Grips, water pump pliers, Channellocks, adjustable pliers), are special kind of pliers. They represent a type of slip-joint pliers, which have serrated jaws generally set 45 to 60 degrees from the handles. The lower jaw can be moved to few positions by sliding along a tracking section under the upper jaw. This design allows adjustment to a number of sizes without the distance in the handle growing wider. The  Multi-Grips also have 9.5 to 12 inches long handles which allows increased leverage and gripping strength. This pliers found commonly usage for bending and clamping  materials, gripping irregularly shaped objects, also for holding and screwing on bolts and nuts.

diagonal pliers

The diagonal pliers, (jargon-named “dikes”), are special designed tools for cutting wire. They are highly sharpened in the inner side of their jaws, which allows the easiest cutting of wire relatively without using too much effort. These pliers are crafted by tempered steel with inductive heating and quenching used to selectively  harden the jaws. They can be insulated from electricity to protect the operator, but nevertheless using of special insulating gloves is highly recommended when working with elecrticity.




carpenter-pincerPincers were very important tool for shoeing horses in the past. Also used by carpenters for extraction of old nails. They are a versatile tool to grip and bending sheet metal.


Pliers are a very useful tool for anyone who is engaged in repair of furniture, cars, houses and everything related repairs.

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